Milk, Honey & Oats

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Start your day off right with the comfort of milk, honey and oats. This soap features the wonderful pick-me-up scents of orange, tangerine, cinnamon, clove, and select florals.



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Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut, organic RSPO certified sustainable palm kernel, avocado,  unrefined shea butter, black seed, castor, hemp, olive, organic high oleic sunflower, beeswax, stearic acid (triple pressed palm derivative); oat milk; organic honey, unrefined shea butter, raw organic cacao butter, babasuu oil infused with frankincense and myrrh resins, grapeseed oil, organic golden jojoba oil; essential oils of sweet orange, litsea cubeba, ylang ylang III, cinnamon, clove, tangerine, star anise, spruce, ginger; organic oat flour, organic cardamom, bee pollen, bentonite clay, marshmallow root, organic oat straw, organic chamomile, organic papaya leaf, organic calendula, organic fenugreek seed, wildcrafted white willow bark, echinacea root, organic cane sugar, pink Himalayan crystal salt, organic soapnuts (reetha), organic cinnamon, organic yellow dock root, organic orange peel, organic annatto seed, organic mustard seed, organic clove, organic nutmeg, manjistha 

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