Cacao & Shea Butter

This bar is a great introduction to natural, handmade soap for any occasion. The cacao and shea butters are soft and gentle, while our combination of oils and herbs highlight the cleaning power of nature. Decorated with juniper berries, orange peel, and star anise, this bar is sure to delight nature lovers everywhere.


Note: The tops will vary slightly in design, and will be sent randomly.


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Ingredients: Saponified oils of babassu, organic RSPO certified sustainable palm, sweet almond, raw organic cacao butter, organic extra virgin coconut, organic extra virgin olive, organic RSPO certified sustainable palm kernel, unrefined shea butter, castor, high oleic sunflower, stearic acid (vegetable triple pressed); raw organic coconut milk, avocado oil, raw organic cacao butter, organic calendula hydrosol, hemp oil, unrefined shea butter, wheat germ oil, castor oil, raw organic coconut butter; essential oils of star anise, lavender, orange, basil, vetiver, pine, peppermint; organic aloe vera, organic blue cornflower, organic calendula, gram flour, marshmallow root, organic rose petals, raw organic agave, Himalayan pink crystal salt, organic cardamom, organic coriander, organic juniper berry, organic orange peel, organic star anise

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