Felted Soap

~ 4 - 4.5 oz bar soap covered in various wool types. Choose your scent below. Colors will be sent randomly.

*NEW* If you're interested in non-dyed wool, we do have a natural colors option (white, brown, and grey). Just select your scent ending with Natural Color on the menu below.


Felted soap are bar soaps wrapped in sheep's wool. The wool acts as a washcloth while simultaneously exfoliating your skin, but is very soft and gentle. It'll scrub without that scratchy feeling. The bar soap inside is used from a variety of scrap pieces of our handmade soap. We do this so that none of our soap is wasted! It also means that heat is applied to this soap twice, in order to mold it into bars. This process will make the soap even more gentle and compatible with more skin types.


Felted soap makes a perfect gift, adds a little  scent and color to your bathroom, makes bath time fun for kids and adults alike, and is excellent for the minimalist traveler.


In order to use your felted soap, you will first need to apply water, and then squeeze the bar until you see suds reach the outer part of the wool. Sometimes squeezing it between your palms can be more effective than between finger tips. Treat it like a sponge that already has soap added to it. Once you see suds, it means you're good to go. After washing, squeeze out the water from the bar so that it may dry. It's okay to have suds on the outside of the bar still at this point. Allow the bar to dry in-between each use to maximize the number of uses. No need to worry about bacteria or mold, since the soap and wool work together to prevent this. Wool is naturally anti-microbial, which means things don't like to stick to it.


When in doubt, remember the instructions on the back of the tag: Squeeze for suds. Suds before rubs.

Felted Soap


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