Free Delivery for Jacksonville Shoppers During State Shut Down

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Free delivery for Jax residents!
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In an effort to encourage our shoppers to stay home as much as possible, we're offering free delivery for all Jacksonville orders. There's also our free pick-up option as well, to minimize your time out. The Jacksonville Farmers Market remains open until 4 PM. Pick-up is available Saturday & Sunday only.


How to order:

Enter coupon code LOCAL at check out to receive the shipping discount. We will only process orders with Jacksonville addresses with this coupon. If you forget to enter the code, that's ok! It'll be reflected on your order, and we'll return the money to you shortly.


For delivery, please make sure to enter your preferred method of contact about the delivery in the NOTES section of check out. If no information is entered, we will contact you through email.


For pick-up, your order will be on hold for two weekends before the order is canceled. Please contact us if arrangements for later pickup need to be made.


For more information, visit our Payment and Delivery Information page.

Jacksonville Farmers Market Fall Festival

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Photo by Krivec Ales from Pexels
Photo by Krivec Ales from Pexels

Greetings all!


The weather outside is frightful, but this deal is delightful!
We are offering FREE shipping on all orders this week.


No coupon code required.


Happy shopping!

End of 2017

Upcoming Events

Jacksonville Farmers Market

We've got a spot at the Jacksonville Farmers Market, in the craft vendor section, towards the back of the shopping strip. For the remaining time in December, we'll be there on weekends with all of our wonderful products. So come by and finish up your holiday shopping, or get a little something for yourself!


With that, we're also offering a new way for locals to shop. You can submit an order here on our page, and pick it up at JFM. Save on shipping, and stay to check out all the wonderful craft vendors, fruits, veggies, herbs and other greenery, fresh meats and seafood, and cheese. It's all happening at the Jacksonville Farmers Market!

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Holiday Shipping Deadlines

As always, we ship USPS Priority Mail to ensure you receive your packages in a safe and timely manner. Here are the deadlines to place orders if you'd like to receive it before Christmas:

Priority Mail  
Contiguous US December 20
 Hawaii December 15
Alaska December 20
Priority Mail Express  
Contiguous US December 22
Hawaii December 20
Alaska December 21


This Sunday: Vagabond Flea

We had a lot of fun at the Vagabond Flea last time, so we signed up to do it again. We'll be there with some of our luxury handmade soaps, along with some fantastic bars for your hair, house, and even your dog! Event goers can buy special bars only available at our table. Hope to see you there!


For more information on this event, click on the poster to visit Vagabond's Facebook Event page. Or go here.

Quick Update, Getting Back on Track

Greetings all! This is just a quick update to inform everyone that we're ready to return to business now that Hurricane Irma has passed us. We've been super fortunate in our neck of the woods, coming through with minor effects from the storm. We thank you for your patience during this time. If you feel you need to reach us, please visit our contact page.


Or you can leave us a message at any of our social media pages:



Vagabond Flea

Last weekend, we got rained out of the Vagabond Flea event. Not surprising for our neck of Florida this time of the year. So the good folks at Vagabond pushed last Sunday's market to tomorrow, Sept. 3. It'll be from 4 - 8 PM. See the image with this post for more info.


We're bringing all sorts of our luxury, handmade, plant based soaps. Plus a few surprise bars for those who attend. Get a little something something for yourself, or get a head start on your holiday shopping! We hope to see you there.


(Fingers crossed about the weather.)

Visit Us at the Vagabond Flea Market

We're going to be at the Vagabond Flea Market this Sunday, August 27th. We'll be there selling some of our best sellers, favorites, and other goodies for your home and bath. We've even got a few exclusive products for our shoppers. Treat yourself, or get a head start on your holiday shopping. We can't wait to see you there!


Click here or on the banner for more info about the event.



You can also stay up to date with us on our social media:

Holiday 2016




This Thanksgiving, we give thanks to you and your continued support. So we're offering FREE shipping on all orders between 11/25/2016 - 11/28/2016.



We're also selling soap packs! 15 oz of our handmade plant based soaps for just $15. Each pack is limited in quantity. Head on over to our sale section to browse the packs we've put together.

Product Updates

We're currently in the process of updating our stock in the store. Check back here, or on any other of our social media sites for updates.


The weather is getting warmer, so why not start the day with the sweet scents of summer? Or wash away the long day with the cleansing power of herbs and flowers? We've got bars for all your needs!

Shop Here:

New Look and New Listings

Greetings all!

We've done a few changes to the site as we return to posting online. And we have an updated shopping cart to make things easier while browsing! So let's get to the new listings.


Triple Algae & Seaweed - a new edition to an old favorite

Cacao & Shea Butter - a bar that shows our values: efficient, gentle, and natural

Or, for more shopping, you can check out all of our soaps here.


Follow and fav us on your favorite social media sites. You can find us now on Etsy, Storenvy, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Cyber Monday Deal: Free Shipping on all Orders

Here's a portion of our stock sitting ready to go this holiday season!
Here's a portion of our stock sitting ready to go this holiday season!

Happy holidays, everyone! We're offering free shipping this Sunday and Monday on all orders. No coupon or code required.


We've got a great variety of soaps that are perfect for gift giving, both full bars and sample sizes. So check out what we've got! 

Don't forget to visit our Facebook and Pinterest pages for additional news and updates.

The Last Few Hours of Our Summer Sale

We've come to the final hours of our month-long summer sale. Our free shipping on all purchases offer will expire at midnight, tonight, EST. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the event. We really appreciate the involvement!


Keep up to date on all our events and product updates here, on our Facebook page, Pinterest page, and Twitter account.

Free Shipping Starting Now!

To round up our summer sale, we're doing one last week of free shipping on all orders. No minimum and no coupon required. Check out our soaps on the SHOP OUR SOAPS page to get started or head on over to the new SHOP BY CATEGORY page to get inspired.

So that's FREE SHIPPING July 10-17 for all orders!


For news and updates, check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.


Happy shopping!

20% off Luxury Soaps

20% Select Luxury Soaps
20% Select Luxury Soaps

Our month of sales continues with 20% off select Luxury Soaps for the next week! All of our bars contain high quality ingredients, but these bars are cram packed with many of our ingredients to give you the ultimate clean feeling. Spend fifteen minutes with one of these bars and you'll feel as if you've spent the day at the spa!


Check out our full soap list here, or go straight to the sale page!


Want to keep up to date with our sales and events? Check back here or visit our Facebook and Pinterest page.

Sample Bars, a New Sale & a New Way to Shop

Not sure where to start with shopping our soaps? Try shopping by category! We've better organized our soaps so you can get exactly what you want, or get inspired to try something new. (And if there's a specific ingredient you're looking for, you can always use our search bar at the top, right side of the page.)


We've also included some sample options for certain soaps. They can be found in the dropdown menu of each soap, listed at the bottom, if it is available.


Some of our soaps are currently on sale and will remain on sale for the entire week, until the 26th. On the 27th, continuing our month of sales, different soaps will be marked down, so be sure to come back and check it out. You can see what soaps are on sale in our On Sale category.


In addition, you can keep up to date with events at our Facebook page and our Pinterest page.

Month of sales, starting with free shipping!

For the next three days (6/16 - 6/18), enjoy free shipping on us! No coupon code required.


We're kicking off our month long sale event today. It'll run with an online vendor's event we're participating in, which you can check out here: Shop with the Best Vendor Event, hosted by The Best In Direct Sales. You can find us and the many other awesome vendors listed on the event page, in the highlighted comment thread at the top of the page.


After the free shipping event, we'll have other discounts in store for our soaps. Keep an eye out for updates here or on our Facebook page.


Don't know where to start? Head on over to our Shop Our Soaps page to see our available soaps. Or you can check out our latest updated soaps below:



And if you haven't already, check us out on Pinterest. We're actively pinning our soaps and other neat home and garden online finds to our boards.


Happy shopping!

FAQ Now Available, Update to Ingredient Lists

We have an FAQ available now on our site for veiwing.


Also, we would like to note a discontinuation in the usage of certain ingredients in our soap, and explain the new color code system for our ingredient lists.


We will no longer be using tussah silk and micas for colors. We've decided that to better keep in line with our philosophy of using simple, plant based soaps, these ingredients are no longer compatible with our ideals. Once we've sold out of the bars that contain these ingredients, the ingredient lists corresponding to the soaps will be updated to reflect the changes.




The color code system works as follows:


  • Ingredients listed in GREEN are plants or plant based
  • Ingredients listed in BLUE are earth based, such as clays and salts
  • Ingredients listed in BLACK are discontinued ingredients after the current batch of soap is sold


So check it out in the Shop Our Soaps section! If you haven't already, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest!

Free Shipping This Weekend & Updates to Future Shipping Prices

Happy weekend everybody! We have some good news concerning our shipping price. Before, our online store provider didn't give us many options, so we decided to charge a flat rate. Recently, we've been given more options in determining shipping prices, so we're ditching the flat rate.


What does that mean for you and ordering? It means we can more accurately charge the price it costs to ship your order to you, keeping the price to a minimum. It'll take a few days to get the new shipping prices into the store, so in the mean time we decided to give free shipping to everyone this weekend!


In order to redeem the free shipping discount enter SHIP4FREE in the discount box on the checkout screen. It'll credit $5 to your order, canceling out the cost of shipping. This deal will be available 4/4/14-4/6/14.



If you haven't already, don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest!

Event Reminder: Greathouse Butterfly Farm's Festivus

Just a quick reminder about tomorrow's event at the Greathouse Butterfly Farm: Festivus starts at 10 A.M.! We'll see you there.


We've also posted a new image of one of the many soaps we will be bringing to the event. Its name is Seed, Straw, Bark & Roots, but here at Donum, we've nicknamed it the "Gardener's Soap." Check it out below:



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We're attending the Greathouse Butterfly Farm's Festivus!

We've booked a spot at the Greathouse Butterfly Farm's Festivus event. Come check out it Saturday, March 29, beginning at 10AM. Greathouse Butterfly Farm is located on Florida SR-26, near Melrose. Admission is $5. Check out the Greathouse Butterfly Farm at their website here, or their Facebook page. We will also be posting reminders of the event regularly at our page as well. We hope to see you there!

New Photos in the Store!

We've got two brand new photos in the store for our soaps. Check them out!



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Updates! Updates! Updates!

Lots and lots of new soaps listed in the shop! We're currently working on getting high quality photos of the soaps up, but for now we have simple stock photos for most of the new ones. In the mean time, head on over to the soaps page to check it out. Here are the soaps that have new, high quality photos:



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New Soaps!

We've got THREE new soaps listed in the shop:



Check them out through the links above, or browse our soaps page now!


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Jacksonville Farmers Market

Welcome visitors, new and old, to the site! We had a blast the the 75th Anniversary Event at the Jacksonville Farmers Market today. It's great to see people get excited about our soaps! Every compliment is so meaningful to us, and we were encouraged by the generousity of our patrons and fellow vendors.


If you were referred to our shop through our table at the Jacksonville Farmers Market, you'll probably notice not everything is on the site just yet. Please bear with us as we gradually post our stock to the store! If there is a certain ingredient or soap you are looking for, feel free to e-mail us or use the contact form on the site with any questions or requests. You can also use the search bar located on the top, right side of the page to find soaps and specific ingredients to the ones that are already posted on the site.


Don't forget to subscribe to our Facebook page!

New Soaps

We've posted new photos and inventory into the shop. Check it out!



New photos for:

- Raw Organic Cacao & Peppermint

- Nettles with Heal All Tea


New Inventory:

- Pink Himalayan Salt and Clay

- MSM Crystals & Maca Root

- Peacock Tradition



Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for updates!

Welcome to Donum a Terra!

Welcome to Donum a Terra!


We are an online store specializing in handmade soaps based on plants and plant products. The store is still under construction, so look out for updates in the next couple of days. For now, head on over to the Soaps page to check out what we immediately have available!