Butterfly Pea Flower & Rose Vinegar

Made from scratch! A wonderful hair rinse alternative to Apple Cider Vinegar. The Butterfly Pea Flower & Rose Vinegar contains ingredients your hair will love. Compatible with all hair types. Bottle contains 4 oz of vinegar.


Suggested Use: Use 1/2 - 1 teaspoon for every 8 oz of water (distilled preferred) needed to rinse your hair. Leave in or rinse out with water. The scent will disappear after it dries. For drier hair, use less vinegar. Those with oilier hair may require more. Adjust ratio as needed. You can also combine the vinegar and water mix into a spray bottle and apply out of shower or bath.


Ingredients: distilled water, rose petals and hips, butterfly pea flowers, lavender buds, helichrysum, organic cane sugar


For external use only. Not made for consumption.

BPFR VInegar


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