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News and Updates

This Sunday: Vagabond Flea

We had a lot of fun at the Vagabond Flea last time, so we signed up to do it again. We'll be there with some of our luxury handmade soaps, along with some fantastic bars for your hair, house, and even your dog! Event goers can buy special bars only available at our table. Hope to see you there!


For more information on this event, click on the poster to visit Vagabond's Facebook Event page. Or go here.

Quick Update, Getting Back on Track

Greetings all! This is just a quick update to inform everyone that we're ready to return to business now that Hurricane Irma has passed us. We've been super fortunate in our neck of the woods, coming through with minor effects from the storm. We thank you for your patience during this time. If you feel you need to reach us, please visit our contact page.


Or you can leave us a message at any of our social media pages:



Vagabond Flea

Last weekend, we got rained out of the Vagabond Flea event. Not surprising for our neck of Florida this time of the year. So the good folks at Vagabond pushed last Sunday's market to tomorrow, Sept. 3. It'll be from 4 - 8 PM. See the image with this post for more info.


We're bringing all sorts of our luxury, handmade, plant based soaps. Plus a few surprise bars for those who attend. Get a little something something for yourself, or get a head start on your holiday shopping! We hope to see you there.


(Fingers crossed about the weather.)